Over each of the last 4 years Baan Jasmine has donated a weekend stay in our beautiful villa in aid of First Hand, a Singapore based charity.

This charity has been close to our hearts from working to support it via The Ukuladies Singapore.

First Hand is a committed volunteer run charity supporting partner organisations Mothers Heart supporting Cambodian women in crisis during pregnancy. https://firsthandvolunteers.com/


The Ukuladies Singapore have performed many private events to contribute towards this charity.

Baan Jasmine has been delighted to be able to continue to support these events and is doing so again on 25th May 2019!

Some one will win a 4 night stay this year!

If you live in Singapore and wish to make a personal contribution contact First Hand to offer any time you may have to support their work.

If you LOVE music and can either play the ukulele or want to learn contact The Ukuladies Singapore. Join this fun bunch of lovely ladies who love all things Ukulele and give back to women in need.